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The Audio Wire was launched with you in mind: The Content Creator


Out of all the equipment needed for podcasting/streaming/recording videos, none of them can trump the microphone


We can forgive grainy video, but garbled audio is hard to swallow

I’m Andrew, owner and operator of The Audio Wire. I graduated from Western Carolina University in 2009 with a Bachelor’s in Commercial & Electronic Music, but let’s just simplify that down to Audio Engineering. Here at The Audio Wire, I will share my knowledge and experience about microphones and recording


I served in the US Army from 2016-2018. My service was cut short by injury. While in service, my job was to repair, calibrate, and maintain medical equipment. That experience has driven me to pursue a more in-depth knowledge of electronics. Now, I am nearly done completing a second Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering. But why stop there? Soon after I finish that degree, I will begin a Master’s degree in Acoustical Engineering. I plan to create my own microphones, studio monitors(speakers), and headphones one day, all in service to you: The Content Creator

I am originally from Marietta, Georgia in the US, though I currently live in Seoul, South Korea

I can be reached at andrew@theaudiowire.com