Best Ways to Record a Podcast

Best Ways to Record a Podcast

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Lately, it has become apparent that within the next few years, podcasts are going to overtake the entertainment industry and become more popular than TV shows. Frankly, there is no doubt as to why, as while you are usually missing out on the video part, the quality of the sound and topics that are discussed in a podcast are much better. 

The best thing is that all it takes is a few simple steps for you to become a podcast host and allow others to join in with you on the discussion as well. Some perseverance, a little will, and good equipment and you can create your own show. With a bit of luck, you could also become popular, get lots of listeners and generate potential income. 

Thankfully, unlike many things today, creating a podcast doesn’t require too much money, and chances are that most of the starting equipment you would require, you may already have in your home. Even if you don’t, it should not be a problem to find these essentials in your local retail store or on an online market. 

But what are the best ways to record a podcast? There are many different methods, but it seems the best method is a traditional one of making use of a computer, a good microphone and proper recording software. So, with this in mind, let’s check out the few reliable methods that will work whether you are a beginner, or someone more experienced with doing podcast shows.

The Most Common Method – Skype

Believe it or not, most of the popular podcast methods are recorded using the good old Skype. Why? Because it comes with a few benefits, including recording a podcast with people in different locations, as well as good video quality and user interface. On the other hand, you may have a problem with the fact that sound quality solely depends on your internet connection.

When it comes to recording via Skype, there are two different ways. The first is to rely on the in-built Skype recorder that will capture and let you publish the tracks. The other one that is more commonly used, is through a program called eCamm or Pamela. These come with an array of features related to recording and editing that will allow a better sound quality, more background effects, and live streaming.

Best Ways to Record a Podcast

Recording a Podcast Via an iPhone

Another common method is to record a podcast via an iPhone. Yes, we know that we are here to discuss the different methods, but we consider this one to be quite important. This is because most people think that the only way to make a podcast is by using editing software and a computer.

As long as you have an iPhone that doesn’t have sound or connection issues, you will be good to go. The other thing that you will need – a podcast hosting service such as Podbean or Anchor. These are easy to install and, in most cases, free to use when it comes to the basics, making them the perfect choice if you are new to the concept and you want to experiment with a few quick podcast sessions.

Still, keep in mind that recording a podcast via an iPhone will probably result in the sound being of lower quality, as you will be using the microphone that is built in the device and not a professional condenser microphone. On the other hand, an iPhone setup is much easier to transport, allowing you to record a show wherever and whenever you want.

Recording a Podcast Using Common Software

When it comes to the best ways to record a podcast, we couldn’t go on without mentioning a few of the more common software programs that are used by those invested in podcast hosting. The first one is Spreaker and the second one is Ringster. Both are quite easy to use and allow you to use a number of features that are related to capturing, listening and publishing the pre-recorded tracks.

This kind of setup asks for nothing more other than a good computer, professional studio microphone, and internet access. 


As you can see, there are many different ways on how to create your own podcast show. The most important thing is that you are willing to do it and that you have the right topic to discuss with a few other people. With the right equipment and mindset, everything else should be a piece of cake.

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