What Equipment do You Need for Podcasting

What Equipment do You Need for Podcasting?

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While TV shows are still the most popular source of entertainment, podcasts are becoming a go-to option for millions of people out there. Why? Because these are more flexible, allowing you to lay back and listen without having to pay attention to the video, and they engage in an ongoing conversation. 

While most people are fine with listening to podcasts without ever trying to create one of their own, doing so is quite simple. Even if you are new to the concept, there are only a few programs and equipment items you need. Oh yes, you will need a good topic to discuss as well, but we guess you already knew that.

A common misunderstanding is that doing podcasts requires a big financial investment. That is completely wrong – in fact, you are free to do it in the comfort of your home as long as you have the right equipment needed for creating a powerful and rich sound which is what people are after when listening to podcasts.

Bearing this in mind, a question that needs an answer is what equipment do you need for podcasting. Don’t worry, finding all the essentials at an affordable price can be quite simple as long as you have time to do some proper research and browse through the online market platforms.

The basics are going to be a microphone, headphones, a computer, software, and fast internet access. Now that we have that clear, let’s see how to ensure the optimal conditions.


A podcast can’t happen without a microphone, and while you can use the one that is built into your iPhone, we still recommend that you spend the extra few bucks and get a reliable studio mic. 

Making the right decision depends on your budget and preferences. The optimal type of microphone for podcasting is a USB one as it is easy to connect to a computer and compatible with most of the recording and editing software options common for podcasts. 

When buying a proper microphone, it is about choosing between a dynamic and condenser microphone. Now, while the dynamic one will work great in a studio environment, it is not going to be good if you are in the comfort of your home. 

Thus, a condenser microphone should be your go-to option, unless you are on a tight budget. It is reliable, with a great frequency response and sample rate, and usually includes a number of features that you will find to be quite handy.

What Equipment do You Need for Podcasting


While headphones are not nearly as important as microphones, you will still get great benefits out of a high-quality pair. No, we are not talking about those that you get with your mobile phone but rather a good pair of studio hardshell headphones that will allow you to monitor and later edit the recorded audio to perfection.


As you might have supposed, you will need a computer if you are to create a podcast. While you can do it using an iPhone, using a computer will give you greater options when it comes to recording and editing the sound and content. Most microphones are going to be compatible with both Windows and macOS computers, so you are probably good to go with the one you currently own.


There are a number of great programs that will allow you to record and edit the audio you have captured for your podcast. While some are completely free or at least offer great free trials, for others you will have to pay a monthly fee.

Still, keep in mind that these usually come with good features such as adding background music, or monitoring and removing any irregularities which are a must if you want your podcast to have an exceptional sound. Our personal recommendation is to use GarageBand, as it is one of the most popular and reliable mixes and master programs out there.

Fast Internet Connection

Last but not least, your internet connection is going to play a huge role in this whole matter. Apart from determining whether you will get to record a podcast at all, it is also going to affect the quality of the sound that is recorded. The faster your internet connection is, the better the sound will be.


When it comes to what equipment do you need for podcasting, the answer is quite simple – just the basics. The aforementioned essentials are quite easy to find for an affordable price, and chances are you already have some of them lying around at home. So, what are you waiting for? Get that recording environment set and let your mind roam free!

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